You hear the sound of metal scraping on stone as the squirrel vainly drags the warhammer to the desperate Cleric.

What is Role Playing?

A story of you, a hero... Shaped at a table. Defined by the dice.

The core of tabletop role playing is shared storytelling. You and your friends craft a story together, guiding your heroes through adventures for treasure, battles, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more. Each game system provides a structure for the game to stand on. Some are rigid in what can happen, others are flexible and more wild. The bottom line is that the only limits are what you can imagine fitting the story told at the table.

Role Playing is important as it keeps the mind active. It is able to help people over come personal challenges, improve professional communication skills, and encourages teamwork among the players.

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Below is an example video on tabletop role playing.