Virtual RPG Faire's

TBA FAll 2022

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An RPG Faire is a Full Day devoted to playing RPG’s. Offering the perfect space to meet new players and give things like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder a try.

If you are looking to discover what tabletop roleplaying is all about. Or just have the itch to play something new. Join the AlaskaRPG Discord server and sign up for a game. There will be many options to choose from: Games, Workshops, and giveaways!

Games will launch from our Discord Server, check with each table to determine if other sites/software will be used. Games will favor the Alaska/Pacific time zones.

Looking forward to seeing you!


To sign up for the Faire, please join our Discord for access to the event.

What you need to bring:

  • Install Discord on your phone or computer.

  • Have an internet connection strong enough to use Discord voice and access the virtual game environment. A 4g cell phone data connection is usually enough speed to cover everything.

  • A microphone, preferably one that will only detect your voice instead of the full room. Smartphones work really well for this.

  • A quiet space to keep the noise low and game easy to understand

  • ~4 hours dedicated to the virtual table

  • Something to take notes on while you play.

Dungeon Masters/ Game Masters:

WE NEED Dungeon Masters / Game Masters

AlaskaRPG will provide a Virtual Table in the Discord server. This will be a Text with Voice Channel to help connect and coordinate the game. We will also include Light tech support - to help fix audio issues or connection to games.

Interested DMs, please join the Discord server by March 15th to get your event listed and table reserved.

What you need to bring:

  • Your own content to fill a 4+ hour time slot. This should be ready to play in a Virtual Tabletop solution you have access to. Examples: Shard Tabletop, Astral, Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds. Many have premade content ready to play!

    • Please note in the event posting any special software or tools players will need to join your game.

  • Please have premade characters ready for your game to speed up the game start.

Local Creators

Want to get a bit of spotlight? If you are a local creator that does business in a RPG related topic, toss us a message in our Discord. We would love to have you mentioned in the Faire's. If you have something to add to our giveaways even better! Our goal is to get to ~5 giveaways per Faire and more people aware of the awesome talent here in Alaska.

How do I sign up to play?

  1. First join our Discord Server.

  2. Look for the #Faire-Events channel

  3. Scan the listings, they are sorted by time. When you find one you like, at the bottom click the Accepted(green) icon to reserve your spot! Or Tentative(blue) to join the waitlist.


Do I need a laptop or computer?

It is Recommended, while many games can be played 100% from a tablet or phone. Some do require special software to join. Check with your table to learn if there are any special instructions.

Why Discord?

We chose Discord because its free, has voice+video, allows greater connections across the State and world. Plus it works with Alaska's unique and diverse internet. Discord also has a wide community base for other virtual events or cons. Finally we want the server to grow to become a strong hub for RPG players in Alaska or Alaskan at heart.

I can't make this one, will there be more?

YES! We hope to learn from each event and make future events a greater success. Currently we hope to offer a Faire every ~7 weeks.