About Us

About Us

The old saying "Do what you love and you will never work a day of your life" applies to this topic. I love Tabletop Role Playing Games! I enjoy it so much that I want others to experience the adventure and excitement that can be had while playing tabletop RPGs. I started playing 9 years ago with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Since then my passion for this hobby has grown from that first dice role to hosting 3 games a week at my house! I feel that the first impression to a game is important. With that in mind when I encounter someone who in interest in any of the various RPG systems I want them to succeed! This site is the next step in this path. I want there to be adventures setting off on grand quests every weekend around the state because they found this site.

How can you help?

Spread the word! This alone will help this service grow to become bigger and better. Grab one of our Flyers and print it out!

The next best way to help is to start new dnd groups. Find some people who are interested in playing and use one of the many different one shot stories that are out there.

Finally we have an exciting roadmap(our ultimate goal is a state wide AlaskaRPG day!) and you are welcome to help make that a success. Go check it out at https://patreon.com/alaskarpg

Thank You to these awesome Contributors

Thank you to the following people for helping grow this resource!

  • Tannom

  • The Alaska D&D Club on Facebook

And Huge Thank You to our DMs that make every game possible!!!