Alaska RPG

A hub to connect all tabletop adventurers across Alaska.

Welcome to the AlaskaRPG site focusing on all tabletop Roleplaying games! We focus on growing the tabletop RPG community around Alaska and connect players to their next adventure.

Alaska is a BIG state and finding groups can be a challenge. We hope to condense the various gaming resources found here in Alaska to a single location.

Join our Discord community and play games! (we have periodic giveaways too)

Virtual RPG Faire Coming this Fall!

An RPG Faire is a Full Day devoted to playing RPG’s. Offering the perfect space to meet new players and give Tabletop Role Playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons at a try.

Learn more!

The Event Calendar has all the publicly published RPG games hosted at each comic/hobby shop across the state. It provides a nice overview of whats available and where.